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Brintons loves 'Simplicity'

This scheme aims to keep things simple by creating a calm and sophisticated interior that will destress and soothe. Use natural textures and muted tones for a comforting style that champions minimalism.


Image: BRINTONS: True Velvet Platinum, Timorous Beasties Platinum Grain du Bois, Laura Ashley Bell Twist Dark Dove Grey, Bell Twist Cotswold OTHER: Johnson Tiles Vapour Matt, Tektura Taunton, Tektura Workroom, Tektura Outback

Simplicity doesn’t have to mean plain or boring – we’ve seen outdoor-inspired furniture like wicker chairs and clear acrylics become popular indoors and mismatched items like cutlery or accessories can add individuality. There is beauty in the purity of natural materials, recycled or upcycled items and pieces with authentic origins. Imperfections signify a human touch and element of personality whilst wear and tear can add elegance. Natural colour palettes consisting of barely there hues and muted tones such as whites, greys or dusky pinks work well. Chalky or organic paints and finishes add to the overall effect too.

This style is best suited to rooms where you spend a lot of time, such as a bedroom or living room, where relaxing is key to creating a happy space. A timeless yet stylish approach, a neutral carpet brings a sense of calm and functionality that no other shade can. It is a natural companion to any interior, from traditional country cottage to modern city apartment. The defined texture that carpet adds is also important to prevent an overall neutral scheme from looking dull.

Bell Twist Chalk

Image: Bell Twist Chalk

Padstow Pebble Houndstooth

Image: Padstow Pebble Houndstooth

Timorous Beasties Platinum Grain du Bois

Image: Timorous Beasties Platinum Grain du Bois

Bell Twist Cotton

Image: Bell Twist Cotton

This year celebrates 150 years since the birth of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright who famously coined the phrase “Organic architecture”; a philosophy of architecture which promotes harmony between human habitation and the natural world. The simplicity trend brings this attitude indoors and offers you a sanctuary for all seasons.

Written by Brintons

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