Purely Natural Fresco

Purely Natural Fresco is a contemporary update of a true Brintons classic. Our timeless Fresco collection has been extended to include designs made from blended natural wool to create beautiful, soft and flecked colours and is now part of the Purely Natural by Brintons collection.

Natural, renewable, biodegradable and completely plastic-free Purely Natural by Brintons combines 100% undyed wool with plant derived backing materials. Woven using undyed British wool with a cotton, jute and natural rubber latex backing, the collections offer a more sustainable and renewable choice for your home without compromising on quality and durability.

Introducing Brintons Specially Woven For You. Beautiful wool-rich Axminster carpet that is woven to your individual requirements and delivered within four weeks.

We’re committed to bringing you gorgeous carpets made from the finest quality wool, using the highest standards in production. We want to bring you style and comfort, without compromising on durability and sustainability. Our Specially Woven For You collection allows us to reduce waste during the production process as we only weave the quantity that you order.