Tropical Jungle

Botanical has evolved into a contemporary feel of luxurious jungle fauna offering a full on tropical adventure. Palm leaf prints are still the main element with foliage being the priority over florals creating a tropical oasis that’s colourful but calm.

Rich lush bottle greens and soft sage work in harmony with accents of fuchsia, golds and cream which dominate designs bringing chic and sophistication to this botanical dream. With our homes continuing to be an oasis for plants the urban jungle is not just a fad as we become more obsessed with all things wildlife to decorate our interiors.

Carpets that we have been inspired to use for this trend are the deep forest green of our Bell Twist Mangrove, which when paired with wood and leather gives the effect of being in the depths of nature, and the rich-jewel like Bell Twist Peacock evokes the calming effect of nature. The Wexford Plaid from our Abbeyglen collection combines all the colours of the jungle in one beautiful carpet.

Carpets to create this look