If you're looking for a semi-bespoke beautiful Axminster carpet, Brintons Quickweave™ is a specially curated collection that allows you to choose the design, colour and quality of your carpet from hundreds of possibilities.

Brintons award-winning design team has developed the series to reflect today's trends with contemporary patterns, complementing transitional styles such as plaids, stripes and abstract design themes. Clever texturing techniques including mottles and striés have been used within the patterns to give depth while offering practical application for a variety of interiors.

Ideal for hotel and leisure applications and if your requirements are 20sqm of carpet or more, Brintons Quickweave™ is the perfect choice to create a space that’s as individual as you are.

QuickWeave Revive designs

QuickWeave Unity designs

QuickWeave designs

QuickWeave Naturals designs