Tone on tone

As Summer comes to an end we all start to focus on our homes and how we can get them ready for the darker nights and cold weather. Our tone on tone theme is inspired by the current trend to use multiple shades of the same colour and build them up to create a beautiful and cosy interior.

Applying tonal palettes and combining materials or textures is a design element that is being used to give interest to spaces while creating a luxurious feel. Soft silvers, golds and marble can easily be introduced against opulent fabrics or a detailed pattern to ensure your room oozes effortless sophistication. Available in over 60 colours, from subtle tones like Pumice to dark dramatic shades such as Smoke and Slate, our Bell Twist carpets are perfect for creating a stylish and cohesive look throughout your home, whichever colour you wish to use. Velvet carpets are another great way to bring in texture and our Majestic series (shown below in Polished Silver) was specially developed to give added splendour, with a higher pile height and denser row counts these carpets will bring warmth and softness into a space. Another option is to use a patterned axminster on the floor like our Timorous Beasties Linen Damask. Our example here has used a very neutral palette to create a sense of calm and comfort in this living room.

The tone on tone style works particularly well with neutral shades so that the personal objects, which give your home its identity and reflect your personality, will shine and become the focal point rather than fighting against a complex colour scheme. Grey has firmly caught up with beige and creams as a go to neutral for interiors. It’s a wonderful, sophisticated colour, constructed of various shades and undertones. It is not only a great companion to other neutrals but also has the power to balance out, bold accent colours. Our Senior Creative Designer, Emma Cassidy says; “A timeless and elegant approach, a neutral is not overpowering and does not demand attention, instead it brings a sense of calm and functionality that no other shade can. It is a natural companion to any scheme, such as a traditional country cottage or a modern city apartment, which you can add splashes of accent colour to; to instantly brighten up any interior”.

We were inspired by layering this most versatile of shades when we designed our new Perpetual Textures series. These carpets were influenced by the beauty of chenille, corded and tweed fabrics and inspired by rattan and handwoven techniques to offer an exciting alternative to a plain carpet. Colour can easily be added with an eye catching bright on the wall and a few coordinating or tonal accessories in the key shades help to bring the room together for a tranquil and stylish effect.

Carpets to create this look