Bringing the outside in

This spring, interior design is taking us back to our roots with a fresh take on the botanical design style.

Green is the new grey. The natural world is home to a spectrum of tranquil tones from leafy greens to wisteria pinks. Any one of these shades would make a great neutral base to frame foliage and plant themed accessories. We chose to highlight this in our inspirations mood board with the enchantingly pragmatic Finepoint Lakeland Green, Majestic Cirio and Frosted Diamond carpets paired with cream shades, dusky velvets and copper accessories.

Houseplants and leaf prints have been a recurrent feature of interiors recently, with their green shades marking a vibrant contrast to white, modern interiors. Branch out from this stereotype and contrast light accessories against vivid green, earthy soft furnishings and upholstery. Bringing accents of the outside into your home creates a solid transition between the home and garden giving the illusion of space. Our Timorous Beasties Oyster Atholl Gardens design uses a blend of creamy neutrals to combine soft scrolls and a bird design that softly allude to the ‘Outside In’ concept in a muted contemporary style.

Adding textures and patterns such as tonal florals, woodgrains and scrolls is a simple way to add dimension which instantly creates the illusion of a larger room. Incorporating wildlife inspired accessories into a room will allude to the bountiful beauty of nature and add a quirky depth to the interior. From woodland animals to garden insects, animal accessories are incredibly on trend and abundantly available on the high-street. If you would prefer a more subtle variation then introduce a themed cushion, pot pourri or delicate leaves to the room. Whatever your style enjoy the restless tranquility of the outdoors with a nature inspired interior décor.

Carpets to create this look