Introduce the charm of the past into your home with a touch of vintage style. Take inspiration from soft subdued tones and eclectic accessories to cloak your interiors with a wealth of retro character and charisma.

The vintage style iconically centres on muted powdered pinks, lavenders and sage green shades. Introducing these colours both capture the essence of period whilst creating a subtle canvas upon which to expand. Layering tones of burgundy will create a warmer dimension and for a modern, rustic, twist shades of mustard yellows complimented with rich velvet throws or crochet fabrics. Whilst the Victorians would have used pattern abundantly capitalising upon one patterned item; a carpet, upholstery or furnishings will provide the same effect. Do not be afraid to incorporate patterns such as chintz, floral, or toile.

A careful combination of rich textured fabrics, pastel shades and a restrained distribution of period accessories and home furnishings can convey the appeal of vintage without dating the room. Accentuate the delicate pastel hues with elaborate ornamental busts and vases, dried flower petals, black and white photographs or a gilded mirror. Build up atmosphere through strategically placed lamps and rustic bulbs that create a homely glow. Add an extra touch of warmth by highlighting the hearth of the home with elaborate candle sticks, fresh flowers and kitsch ornaments.

Whilst you may not wish to overhaul your whole room with this classic look,  delicate shades like Sugar Almond or Cotton from our Bell Twist range and the dainty patterns of our Fresco or Classic Florals collections provide the perfect base upon which to build a unique vintage style.

Carpets to create this look