Invite vibrant warmth into your home and adorn your interiors with the ferocious individuality of warrior culture.

Whilst you may instantly think of introducing bold batik style patterns you can try a more subtle take on this tribal trend by incorporating layers of smoky or earthy tones embellished with a few interesting prints, embossed leather, rope or basket weave accessories. Neutral shades and textures with simple accents of animal prints on the walls can create a backdrop against which the vibrancy of these accessories can look really impactful.

Tribal warriors are epitomised by their individual variety of hairstyle, headgear and weaponry. Channel your own tribal individuality by investing in handcrafted items, handmade fabrics and one-of-a-kind accessories. Embellishing existing room features such as upholstery with leather, studs and cowhides or integrating accessories such as spears or shields can accentuate the warrior aesthetic adding an innovative edge to any room design. Dare to be different and add a magical dimension to the room by incorporating a statement amulet, or headdress into the d├ęcor or, capitalise on the natural elements with a neutral palette of accessories; driftwood branches and subtle inflections of animal print.

For the floor, Mist, Mushroom and Slate shades or the warmer colour of Spun Gold from our Brintons Bell Twist collection evoke the natural tribal environment without being too imposing. If you want to introduce pattern take a look at our Marrekesh range or visit our Choosing your Carpet page to create a scheme that's perfect for you.

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