Neo Romance

We’re bringing some warmth to the colder nights with our latest interiors theme. Using passion and poetry we are igniting a magical essence to interiors this season.

Overly kitsch and fabric frills of the classical era are no longer required to create the romantic look and feel. Dark wall colours and smoky finishes bring both elegance and comfort whilst enhancing smaller spaces and embracing their cosiness.

We’ve taken inspiration from Robin Tanner whose etchings, engravings and prints transferred the beauty of the commonplace and took influences from nature. The backdrop for our moodboard came from Newmor’s Watercolour Stripe, a large scale print with an inky and weathered effect. If you want to create this effect in a room use deep blues, smoky violets, and browns together with natural linens and simple textures. Don’t be afraid to add pops of bright colours either as this creates drama and interest. Use large statement prints on the walls including landscapes, organic abstracts and watercolours to enhance the sophistication of a room and complement with gold accessories, candles or beautiful botanicals.

Our Renaissance Versailles Pearl uses golden tones in classic scrolls to create a lavish essence. Intricate large-scale designs in bold, rich colours offer a feast for your floors so use these to make a strong statement against a backdrop of plain walls and curtains. The romantic swirls in our Timorous Beasties Oyster Atholl Gardens carpet help to create a classic yet contemporary style which can suit all types of architecture. If patterned carpets aren’t for you then choose from over 60 colours in our Bell Twist collection including shades such as Moleskin and Windermere Lake or for the ultimate in luxury opt for one of our velvets. Endlessly tactile, rich and sumptuous, these carpets will easily add grandeur to a home and bring a sense of romance to your space.

Carpets to create this look