Winter Woodland

Bring the outside in and take inspiration from the great outdoors to create a cosy winter wonderland. Use nature as your muse and borrow ideas from the rugged beauty of the woodland by using textured bark finishes, wood grains or dark botanicals with evergreen touches.

To create a folksy woodland style use chunky fabrics and wallpapers with simple sketched repeat pattern. Twee prints of animal characters such as foxes, rabbits, owls and bears create a serene and peaceful space. If you want a more glamorous version then old-world treasures like dark stained framed mirrors and wingback chairs add a sophisticated and luxurious touch. Use traditional paintings or sepia photographs to decorate the walls and then accessorise the room with beautiful antiques or simple furniture and materials like leather, velvets, fur effects or rattan. Subdued and muted shades from nature like mossy greens, browns and rust, creams and taupe are perfect backdrops for the festive season too and the traditional Christmas colours of red, green, golds and silvers complement beautifully.

The browns and creams of our Abbotsford Heather Kilgour carpet have been warmed up for winter with bare wood, a fake fur throw and lots of metallic and glass accessories to layer the dining table. Plaids are a year round favourite but they really come to life in the winter months as they are a naturally cosy design.

Our Timorous Beasties Grain du Bois comes in 4 colour choices and is designed to complement wooden floors. It is not an imitation but a subtle style interpretation that cleverly and perfectly signifies the essence of the woodland theme.

Carpet is ideal to create a cosy living space so the texture of wool underfoot coupled with a subtle pattern makes it a perfect way to build a cosy and inviting d├ęcor scheme for winter.

Carpets to create this look