Wilton carpet construction

A traditional wilton weave carpet is one in which the pile threads run continuously into the carpet and are raised above the surface of the integral backing by means of wires or hooks.

Wilton carpets are often cut or loop products and different yarn types can be used to produce different surface textures. Wilton weaving is not as versatile as axminster for the production of patterned carpets, due to continuous yarns that create waste yarn on the back of the carpet.

Brintons wilton carpets are woven on looms designed and built by our own engineers in our own factory. They differ from traditional wilton looms as they have no “dead” or wasted yarns in the back. These advanced design looms weave two carpets as a sandwich, know as "face-to-face", which is then sliced into separate rolls. As with traditionally woven wilton carpet, Brintons face to face looms produce a durable woven product, which is hard wearing and dimensionally stable. The carpet does not suffer from delamination or stability weakness often associated with tufted carpets.