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How important is underlay?

You've done your research and chosen your beautiful carpet but then the store clerk asks you which underlay you would like! So many variations and price points can make this a confusing decision so we've put together a few tips to help you:

It's an investment: Careful choice of underlay can enhance the performance of your carpet and make it last longer. It is false economy to fit new carpet over a softer, cheaper underlay as carpet needs to have as firm a support as possible in order to achieve its maximum performance.

Don't reuse/recycle: An old flattened underlay will not be capable of providing adequate support to a new carpet. There is a balance to be achieved between providing the right underfoot comfort and the right support to the carpet.

Ask upfront: Your chosen retailer can recommend underlay for your specific carpet and make sure this is priced as part of the overall job. Some stores will include appropriate underlay and fitting as part of the square metre price whilst others will add it on afterwards.

Preferred types of underlay to compliment a Brintons Carpet: We prefer firm crumb rubber underlays or high density supportive foam. Felt/rubber combinations in the form of a sandwich are also recommended as these combine the support of the felt with a softer “bouncier” feel during walking. Our Brinfelt underlay has been designed to perfectly complement Brintons carpets. It is an eco-friendly felt and crumb rubber underlay and underfelt which is manufactured using recycled yarn and thread waste, and the rubber crumb from recycled tyres, Visit the Brinfelt page to find out more or order a free sample to see it for yourself.

Carpets fit for a Queen

Our latest video explores our Royal Warrant. This prominent appointment is given to companies who regularly provide goods or services to The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh or The Prince of Wales.

Richard Peck, from the Royal Warrant Holders Office, discusses how Brintons was one of the first companies in Queen Elizabeth II’s reign to be awarded the Royal Warrant and what a wonderful achievement it is to hold one. We’re incredibly proud of being a Royal Warrant Holder, and have carried out some fascinating projects for the Royal household since receiving it back in 1958.

Andrew Wilcock, Group Marketing Manager for Brintons, commented “Our products are of the highest quality and to have one of the highest seals of approval just reinforces Brintons’ longstanding heritage within the UK.”

Carpets manufactured by Brintons contain our unique blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon, which we pioneered back in the 1950s and is now the global standard for carpets.

Images: (Top)The White Drawing Room - Buckingham Palace, (Middle) The Blue Drawing Room, (Bottom) The Picture Gallery - Buckingham Palace

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