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A Modern Twist On A Plain Carpet

Carpet can completely transform your home making it feel cosy, warm and inviting. There’s nothing quite like getting home, kicking off your shoes and sinking your feet into a luxurious wool-rich carpet.

It’s often the last thing to be considered when it comes to planning a room, but at Brintons we firmly believe that you should start with the floor and work your way up.

Afterall, a wool-rich carpet will last for years so it's important to make the right choice.

The first thing to consider when choosing your carpet is colour. What kind of ambience do you want to create in your room?

The trend for all things natural and timeless uses simple and understated pieces and embraces natural materials such as wool, wicker, earthenware and sun drenched woods with a colour palette of warm whites and neutrals.

Maximalism is all about breaking the rules and letting your imagination run wild. Create bold colour clashes and mix with your favourite trinkets, mismatched textiles and art to create a haven of beautiful, bright colours.

From warm neutrals and creams through to bright reds, blues and greens, our Bell Twist collection offers  a complete specturm of colours so the most difficult decision you’ll have to make is deciding which one is your favourite from over 60 beautiful colours.

Inspired by the latest trends, we’ve added a range of ocean blues and soft dusky pinks to the collection. The new colours take inspiration from our beautiful planet Earth, from the warm earthy tones of Scorched Earth; a soft pinky tone to the rich blues of Azure and Ionian; greyed off green blues and the deep forest green of Mangrove, these colours all evoke the calming effects of nature bringing a contemporary feel to your home.

The new soft earthy tones like Burnt Sienna, Scorched Earth and Red Ochre will add warmth to any neutral interiors scheme making your space cosy and inviting. On the opposite end of the spectrum the deep forest green of Mangrove when paired with wood and leather give the effect of being in the depths of nature. Choose the gentle blues of Atlantic, Blue Juniper or Azure to bring a sense of calm and serenity to your interior.

Bell Twist is the ultimate hardwearing option that is suitable for any room in the house including high traffic areas like hallways. This carpet yarn has an extra twist added to the spinning process, which creates the renowned and textured surface.

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