Talking about carpet (and gin) with the fabulous Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

How would you describe your interior style in one sentence?

Gin-fuelled maximalism.

What is so important about getting the flooring right into your design schemes?

You’ve got to think of the floor as being the carbohydrate.. get it wrong and it’s a miracle of stodgy underwhelming under-excitement.

Get it right and the floor nourishes the room, stabilises the room, and provides an appetising basis for the flashes of chilli-infused protein that all create a mouth-watering scheme.

What made you choose Brintons for your renovation, and why the Perpetual Textures collection?

Brintons and I are old old friends. Brintons are nearly always my go-to because I know their carpet will always be right.

Perpetual Textures is such an incredibly well-behaved collection of patterns and sits so eloquently with the more exotic themes within the scheme.

You've used the carpet in the bedroom - how does it add a new layer of design to the space?

The master suite is a big area that leads into the dressing room and on into a raised bathroom. The offset of diagonal geometry of Perpetual Textures is a perfect way of linking these different sized spatial experiences.

How does the grey of the carpets interact with the rest of the colours in the space?

The grey is the perfect partner to coral, taking out any of oranges, excess heat and bringing dignity and elegance to this classic (lets face it very 1980s colour scheme).

Any reader tips for how to choose your perfect carpet?

Drink Gin and be brave!

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