Styling with patterned floors

Patterned carpets have become extremely popular for high traffic areas like living rooms, hallways and stairs as they can make a design statement whilst being both practical and welcoming. We are proud of the diversity in our collection so have selected some of our favourite Brintons roomsets to inspire your next patterned carpet choice!

Make a Statement

Statement carpets are a great tool to style a room with as the décor can then be kept simple to not detract from the alluring floor. Using large scale pattern and avoiding symmetry, the gentle meandering sprawl of the Timorous Beasties Noir Ruskin Butterfly, with its delicate organic background texture has been used here to create a completely individual lounge area. Mid century furniture and greenery give it a sophisticated but fun feel. The interlocking key pattern in our Perpetual Textures Isochrone carpet has been added to this simple dining area to create a focal point and adds depth and interest to the room.

Classic Styles

Traditional designs are obviously perfect for period properties but if you’re feeling brave can easily contrast within a more modern space too. Our Renaissance Classics Khali Fire carpet makes a strong statement and complements a backdrop of subtle tones and elegant accessories in this seating area. Inspired by the golden age of Persian art and literature the carpets rich and opulent colours is used to stunning effect. In a contrasting approach, our Renaissance Classics Medici Blue carpet looks beautiful against a dominant black staircase and turquoise painted brick. Stylish accents of art and tribal themed wall accessories have given this classic scroll a contemporary feel.

Textured Effects

Our new Perpetual Textures range took inspiration from natural fibres and these carpets were designed to add a calming influence to a home. These subtle details offer an exciting alternative to a plain carpet and techniques including mottles, striés and fades were used to give a depth to the designs while keeping the practicality of a cut pile. The beauty of this type of pattern is that it really will go with anything. You can add accent colours, eclectic accessories and contrasting patterns to bring the space to life as shown in the examples here.

For help identifying the right carpet for you our Choosing Your Carpet page lets you narrow down our collections by design style, colour and range. You can also select up to 8 items and order free swatches to your door so you can see which colours and patterns will work best in your home.

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